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Online Program

30 Day Meditation Challenge (April)

Designed for those who wish to establish a habit of daily meditation. For 30 days I'll be meditating with you every morning. On the weekend we'll do a sharing session to reflect on the week's practice. There is an optional cost as an incentive. Maximum number of participant = 10.

30 Day Meditation Challenge (April)
30 Day Meditation Challenge (April)

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Online Program


About the event

The hardest thing about establishing a good habit is getting started, but once you got the momentum going, it becomes easier to stick to it. To motivate you go through the initial phase, I'll be meditating with you every morning for 30 days. Starting on a chosen date (I'll contact you regarding the start date), I'll host a 1-hour meditation session every morning at 7-8am. You'll join me online at 7am, but you're not required to sit or stay for the whole session. I'll provide simple instructions when it is appropriate, but remember, in the end your progress depends entirely on your own practice.

On each Saturday evening 8-9pm there will be a sharing session. All participants are welcome to join but it is not compulsory. In this session, feel free to share your meditation experience of the week, say, difficulties during the practice, effects on your daily life, questions or doubts about the technique etc. I'll give comments and answer questions to facilitate your next week’s practice. On Sunday, I'll host the session at 7am as usual, but you're allowed to take a break if you want to.

This program comes with a optional cost of CA$200, which is designed primarily to incentivize you to finish the program successfully. If you are confident in your determination, you’re welcome to join for free. 

What to Expect

Many people mistake meditation for relaxation or stress management. For these you can go to the spa or do a hike in the mountains. The major goal of meditation is to raise self-awareness, which is rather ellusive to grasp directly. However, you'll likely notice secondary effects of improved attention and memory, better mood, higher energy, heightened ability to manage stress, pain and anger. These benefits are probably not alien to you, so I would like to draw your attention to the potential negative effects you may encounter. Since self-awareness is a is a neutral, indiscriminate quality, you'll become more sensitive to both good and bad things, if you are practicing right. Better connection with yourself also means that you become more conscious of your own dark thoughts, painful memories, deep discomfort within your body etc. The point is to stop running away from those, and to face them, let them be and watch them pass. Distracting yourself with “love n light” and “feel good” outlets only suppresses what’s truly inside. If your meditation practice has progressed to an extent that it allows deeper truths to surface, congratulations. Truth is truth, whether beautiful or ugly. While at this stage it is not your duty to put up with other people’s negative energy, it is always already your ineluctable duty to process your own.

The Technique

There are numerous meditation techniques out there suited for various purposes. Here I introduce to you Anapana, the rawest, simplest and most basic form of meditation that is the foundation for higher levels of meditative states. Anapana requires you to LITERALLY do nothing — no visualization, no chanting, no breath control — but JUST to observe your own natural breath so as to bring your consciousness to concentration. Don’t be fooled by how simple it sounds. Soon enough you’ll realize how instinctual and compulsive we are to doing something, and that doing nothing is precisely the hardest thing to “do”. By paying attention to something that (1) belongs to us and (2) is NOT our own production but is naturally there — our breath — we can raise our self-awareness.


I am not a certified meditation teacher. I am simply a fellow meditator who started meditating daily for 5+ years and would do a 10-day Vipassana retreat at least once a year. At first, sitting for 15 minutes was a challenge for me. But through consistent practice, I now easily sit for an hour. You too can achieve this. Here I share what I believe is good enough for you to have a good start — what worked for me minus my mistakes and confusions. If you feel like needing more personalized guidance, you may want to consider taking classes with a certified meditation teacher.


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    Only ticket holders are given the link to the online meeting. The optional cost is set high enough in order to incentivize you to go through 30 days. If you fail to challenge yourself even with this money incentive, no refund is accommodated, sorry!

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