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About Philosophical Counselling
Not every human struggle is a mental illness. 
If you're struggling with existential crisis, moral dilemma, confusion of identity, lack of meaning, conflicting values, relationship with the Divine etc., your emotions go beyond mere anxiety or heartbreak. You might feel lost, stuck, confused, frustrated, hopeless, torn apart, guilty, shameful, lonely, in despair... these have nothing to do with neurotransmitters but rather arise from the spiritual and moral dimension of your being. 

Because you are not just a series of 
psychological events, but a moral agent choosing to act a certain way depending on how you make sense of the world, philosophical counselling explores the who and why behind your feelings, thoughts and behaviors, offering guidance and wisdom on how to lead a virtuous, meaningful life. As the tradition goes, philosophy is the therapy for the soul

If you resonate with this, feel free to connect.
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Leanna Chan APPA Certified Philosophical Counsellor

APPA-Certified Philosophical Counsellor

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